Options for Funding your Gender Transition 10 Jan, 2020

Gender transition means different things to different people. For some, it’s about getting hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgery. For others, it’s just a slight change in the way they speak and dress. The cost of one’s transition can therefore range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There are trans folk who, by not having their appearance aligned with their gender, suffer gender dysphoria. Undergoing reassignment therapy is necessary for their mental health, and in many cases, it saves lives. One’s gender transition depends not only on the degree to which they need to change their appearance and behavior, but how much they can afford.

The overall cost of reassignment treatment, which includes, but isn’t limited to, hormone therapy, surgery, and hair removal, can easily reach $100,000 and even climb up to almost $200,000.

Given the challenges of paying for one’s transition needs, it’s important to know where trans people can get funding. Some companies in the US offer healthcare that covers some of the costs for gender transition — but never all of them. A growing number of public healthcare insurers also offer some help, but most of the time, those who can’t afford the treatment they want have to find other options to get financial aid.

A new app for dating and networking for transgender, non-binary people and their allies. Fiorry’s goal is to build a community for both trans and cisgender people of any sexuality, where they can network and date

For us, serving the trans community isn’t just about providing a social network for people to connect with each other. It’s also about supporting them where we can. At Fiorry we believe that our mission is to help the trans community reach their transition goals to align their appearance with their gender. For every 15,000 trans users signed up on our platform, we will sponsor 5 or more trans people. Each sponsored user will receive $5,000 from Fiorry, which they can spend at their convenience toward their personal transition goals.

To receive funding from Fiorry, all you need to do is to submit an application form, follow our Instagram page, and become an active user on our platform by signing up on our iOS or Android app. All applicants will receive information about our decision with regards to 5 winners. You’re required to follow all the requirements to receive funding.

Every 15,000 user milestone we pass, we’ll sponsor 5-15 more users. We know it isn’t much, but it’s important that our users know we’ve got their back. And we believe that this is a great mission of our project. This isn’t our app — it’s yours.

Apply for the Transition Goals Funding Program here. We expect to fund the first 5 applicants by the summer of 2020.

Ian Giles, a non-binary person, is the founder of this international nonprofit run by people who believe it’s important for trans folk to affirm their gender. The volunteers at the organization participate in a variety of programs and services, to get support through partnerships, donations, and direct sales, which they use to provide grants for transition therapy and surgery.

This fundraiser’s mission is to help cover the costs of gender-affirming surgery. They provide aid to those who are either denied any coverage from their insurers, or simply aren’t getting enough support from them. The organization’s community-based initiatives help foot the bill for many people’s gender transition goals.